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Be a Blessing

Be a Blessing

The Gulf Region and Israel-Neubauer

The Gulf Region and Israel-Neubauer

Teachings of The Abir Yaakov Vol. 3

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Rav Yaakov Abuchatzeira — the Abir Yaakov" — was the scion of one of the most illustrious Torah families of Morocco. Baba Sali zt'l was one of his grandsons, and Rav David Abuchatzeira shlit”a, the renowned Kabbalist of Nahariya, is a great-great-grandson.

The Abir Yaakov authored over a dozen works of Jewish thought, kabbalah and halachah. In order to make his works accessible to the general public, a team of talmidei chachamim arranged the Abir Yaakov’s writings by topic, and included introductions, background information, and elucidations. The Hebrew-language work is now available in a flowing and readable English translation.

The Teachings of the Abir Yaakov — as timely today as they were when the tzaddik first wrote them.

Topics covered:

The Foundations of Emunah
The Creation of the World
The Exodus from Egypt
Kabbalas HaTorah"
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Last Update Nov 28, 2023
Dimensions 6.00 X 9.00
Binding Hardcover
Author (English) Rav Yaakov Abuchatzeira
Release Date Aug 22, 2022
Published By ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
ISBN13 9781422632246
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