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In contrast from what you may think from visiting this site, Geulah Supplies. is a small operation run out of a garage. We are different than typical bookstores as we allow you to shop for a HUGE selection of products from all the major publishers. How can we do this with little overhead? Simple, we import the orders into Canada only after you place the order. While this approach may take a little longer than ordering from a large warehouse, we provide you with Canada's largest catalogue of books and seforim to order and we take care of all the importing fees, etc, freeing you of the costs and hassles of importing from the US.

Who We Are

Geulah Supplies was born out of a demand for a simple way to buy affordable seforim/Jewish books in Canada. Yaakov Gryn, began by simplifying the order process of back to school supplies and seforim, and later realized that the need exists year-round.