Insights to the Daf: Maseches Taanis and Megilah

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Insights to the Daf on Maseches Taanis and Maseches Megilah (two Masechtos in one volume) will guide you beyond the surface of the Gemara with in-depth analyses of the Pshat, pertinent discussions of the practical laws in Maseches Taanis (the prayers for rain and the laws of fast days) and in Maseches Megilah (the laws of Purim and Megilas Esther), as well as fascinating explanations of topics of Agadah and general interest.
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Last Update Dec 3, 2023
Binding Hard Cover
Author (English) Kollel Iyun HaDaf
Published By Kollel Iyun HaDaf
Language language
ISBN13 4468F
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