Lilmod Eich Lehitpalel - Biurei Tefilla Vol. 3

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Author: Rabbi Shneur Z. Gopin Language: Hebrew Format: 7 x 9.5 , Hardcover, 430 pages Explanations on Davening as explained in the light of Chassidus. Volume Three: Psukei DeZimrah - Kriat Shema. Volumes included in this series: Lilmod Eich Lehitpalel - 4 Volume Set Volume 1 Birchos Hashachar - Karbonos Volume 2 Hodu - Yehi Chevod Volume 4 Shemona-Esrei - Aleinu Biurei Tefillah Shabbat #1 Biurei Tefillah Tikkunei Shabbat
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Published By Kehot Publication Society
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