Or Hatorah Vayikra Vol. 1

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Publisher: Kehot Publication Society Language: Hebrew Format: 6" x 9" Hardcover, 41 Volumes Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn, the third Lubavitcher Rebbe, famous for his halachic work Tzemach Tzedek, wrote a tremendous number of discourses and essays on the esoteric part of the Torah—Kabbalistic and Chasidic philosophy. The first two published volumes of these discourses, on the Book of Bereishit, were printed in 1913, in Berditchev. “Or Hatorah,” the title of the work chosen by the publisher, is numerically equal to the name of the Rebbe their author, as the publisher explains in his introduction. In 1950, the Lubavitcher Rebbe—the Tzemach Tzedek’s direct descendant and namesake—published an additional volume, on the Torah portion of Shemot, in Brooklyn, Subsequently, during the 1960s ‘70s, and 80s, further volumes followed. These contained expositions on the rest of the Tanach, the Siddur, the Talmud, and the Festivals. Comprising 38 volumes in total, the Rebbe has pointed to the wealth of knowledge found in their pages, presenting a commentary which weaves together the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds, Midrashic works, Kabbalah, and Chasidut. This set Contains 41 Volumes, CLICK BELOW: Or Hatorah Breishis Vol. 1 Or Hatorah Breishis Vol. 2 Or Hatorah Breishis Vol. 3 Or Hatorah Breishis Vol. 4 Or Hatorah Breishis Vol. 5 Or Hatorah Breishis Vol. 6 Or Hatorah Breishis Vol. 7 Or Hatorah Shemot Vol. 1 Or Hatorah Shemot Vol. 2 Or Hatorah Shemot Vol. 3 Or Hatorah Shemot Vol. 4 Or Hatorah Shemot Vol. 5 Or Hatorah Shemot Vol. 6 Or Hatorah Shemot Vol. 7 Or Hatorah Shemot Vol. 8 Or Hatorah Vayikra Vol 1 Or Hatorah Vayikra Vol 2 Or Hatorah Vayikra Vol 3 Or Hatorah Vayikra Vol 4 Or Hatorah Bamidbar Vol 1 Or Hatorah Bamidbar Vol 2 Or Hatorah Bamidbar Vol 3 Or Hatorah Bamidbar Vol 4 Or Hatorah Devarim Vol 1 Or Hatorah Devarim Vol 2 Or Hatorah Devarim Vol 3 Or Hatorah Devarim Vol 4 Or Hatorah Devarim Vol 5 Or Hatorah Devarim Vol 6 Or Hatorah Neviim U'Kesuvim Vol 1 Or Hatorah Neviim U'Kesuvim Vol 2 Or Hatorah Neviim U'Kesuvim Vol 3 Or Hatorah Shir HaShirim Vol 1 Or Hatorah Shir HaShirim Vol 2 Or Hatorah Shir HaShirim Vol 3 Or Hatorah Megilat Esther Or Hatorah Mamorei Razal, Inyonim Or Hatorah Siddur (Tefiilah) Biurei HaZohar Vol 1 Biurei HaZohar Vol 2 Mafteach
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Published By Kehot Publication Society
Language Hebrew
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