Samarkand Vol. 1 - Yiddish

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Publisher: Chamah Author: Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman Language: Yiddish ISBN: 978-0-9894438-5-2 Format: 6" x 9" Hardcover, 440 Pages A complete history of the Jewish underground that operated in Samarkand after the flight of Chabad chassidim in 1946/47, until the early 1970s. People who bought this also bought: Samarkand - English Samarkand - Russian Samarkand volume 2 - Yiddish Defiance in Samarkand (Niyazov) Admurei Chabad VeYahadut Buchara Gadol M'Echav - Mula Chizkiyah Kaykov (Rabbi of Samarkand) Reviews: "In my opinion, it's important to circulate the book 'Samarkand' among the young generation in particular, so they will realize how much one must be dedicated to the strengthening of Torah observance." R. Yoel Kahn Prominent authority on Chabad philosophy "Once I began reading the book 'Samarkand,' I was drawn into it and couldn't tear myself away. Both the style and language are captivating." R. Sholom Ber Levin Head Librarian, Library Agudas Chasidei Chabad; expert in history of Chabad Chassidism "I was delighted by the book ' Samarkand' on the chassidic underground in Soviet Russia. The author opens up a window to the world of heroic activity and Jewish selflessness during the Soviet regime. The book describes first-hand one of the darkest periods of time for Soviet Jewry in a most captivating manner. In my opinion, a movie should be made based on this book, offering a virtual glimpse into the history of heroism." Professor Alexander Laskin Historian and Writer
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Last Update Nov 18, 2022
Author (English) Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman
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