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“Sichos Kodesh” - a 50 volume set containing the original transcripts of the Rebbe’s farbrengens spanning the years 5710-5741.


Unique in its original form, these books were transcribed throughout the years by various choizrim, who immediately after the Rebbe’s farbrengen would attend a chazara, after which they would pen together a full transcript of the Rebbe’s words at the farbrengen in their original yiddish.


In addition to this set being the closest to the original, it is also unique in that the transcribers varied throughout the years and did not all belong to a specific organization. 


The ‘hanachos’ of the years 5710-5726 were mostly penned by Reb Yoel Kahn who authored them under no official organization.  In 5725-5726, Reb Avraham Gerlitzky began penning his own transcripts for friends and family who could not attend the farbrengens, and when word got out Reb Bentzion Shemtov provided Reb Avraham an office in 770 and insisted that he publish these trascripts. Thus was formed the 'Vaad Hanachos Hatmimim' the organization responsible for the transcribing and documentation of thousands of hours of the Rebbe's talks in their original form. 


Throughout the years the vaad was led by many individuals, notably (-5741) Rabbis Noske Wolff Leibel Shapiro, Zev Katz, Yossi Hecht, Hirshel Notik, Dovid Feldman and Simon Jacobson. Feldman and Jacobson would take on lead roles in the Vaad from 5735 and 5740 respectively.


During the year 5745, bochurim (Rabbis) Yoske Greenberg and Gershon Eichorn undertook the initiative of collecting and organizing the hanachos previously printed, thereby compiling the set of Sichos Kodesh for the very first time in the year 5748. Since then, the set had been printed numerous times throughout the years by various individuals.




When will the sets be ready?

The sets will arrive in NY Adar-Nissan 5781.

When do I need to pay?

The sets will be printed only for those that purchased beforehand. The $890 will need to be paid upfront when the set is ordered.

How will I pick up my set?

There will be selected days with a free pick up option in CH. Additionally there will be an option to have the books delivered to you for the additional cost of shipping.

What is the Binding?

Section sewn & case bound. This assures a strong endurance, as well as a comfortable use - staying open easily

Can I receive a bulk price?

Yes. For orders minimum of 20 sets, you can receive a bulk price. Contact [email protected] 

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