Torat Shmuel - 5630

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The series Likkutei Torah-Torat Shmuel contains the Chasidic discourses of the fourth leader of Chabad, Rabbi Shmuel, the Rebbe Maharash. The present volumes cover the discourses delivered during the year of 5630 (1870). Rabbi Shmuel was the first of the leaders of Chabad to compose hemshechim, series of discourses delivered over an extended period. Previously a Chasidic discourse related directly to the occasion of its delivery, a Shabbat, holy day, etc. In 1945, Kehot began publishing the discourses of the Rebbe Maharash. The first volumes were facsimile copies of the transcriptions of Reb Shmuel Sofer, principal copyist in the village of Lubavitch for many years.
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Last Update Nov 18, 2022
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