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Insights, stories, and teachings on THE WEEKLY PARASHAH from the treasure-trove of the maggid Harav Yaakov Galinsky zt"l One day a certain rosh yeshivah had a flash of inspiration. He thought to himself, How many times can I learn the same masechtas over and over? Like many yeshivos, his yeshivah focused on the masechtas in Nashim and Nezikin, and when they finished, they started the cycle all over again. So he came up with a plan. In the previous learning cycle, his shiurim had been recorded. The talmidim could listen to the recordings while he could spend that time learning all the masechtas he never had the opportunity to study. He put the plan into action. Then, one day, he made a surprise visit to the beis midrash. From afar, he could hear his own voice, full of fervor, discussing the sugya aloud. Ah, the sweet sounds of success. But when he entered the beis midrash, he found that it was completely empty. And on each shtender...was a recording device. Nothing can replace a live speaker, but this sefer - V'Higadeta on the parashah by Rav Yaakov Galinsky, zt"l - comes very close. Words that come from the heart penetrate the heart. As you read this book, you will feel your heart open, allowing the words - insightful, vivid, meaningful - to penetrate. ------ Rav Yaakov Galinsky delivered thousands of derashos in the halls of yeshivos and batei midrash, and before huge audiences, both religious and nonreligious. He is responsible for bringing many people closer to Hashem. Now his derashos are finally accessible in print to the English-speaking audience. In his unique, animated style - with stories and parables, lessons and maxims, pesukim and ma'amarei Chazal - Rav Yaakov Galinsky brings the weekly parashah alive. As you unearth this magnificent treasure of stories and real-life lessons, Rav Galinsky's derashos will transform you and your Shabbos table. For HaRav Yaakov Galinsky, shlita I read the sefarim entitled V'Higadeta, and they inspire an increase in yiras Shamayim [among Klal Yisrael]. You should merit longevity and a good life in order to bring merit to the public.[HaRav] Chaim Kanievsky
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Last Update Dec 3, 2022
Dimensions 6.5" X 9.75"
Binding Hardcover
Author (English) HaRav Yaakov Galinsky zt"l
Published By Tfutza Publications
ISBN13 9781600917639
Link For More Information https://www.israelbookshoppublications.com/store/pc/V-Higadeta-Bamidbar-25p5677.htm
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