Blending Secrets

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A Novel "The Panski side is disinvited. I just wanna be a regular kid. A normal seventh grader just like everyone else. Am I asking for too much?" Is normal overrated? Shevi Panski doesn't think so. She dreams of a typical seventh-grade life. Friends, performances, sleepovers, tests. The boring stuff. But the last two years have been one drama-filled month after another, and "normal and boring" seem as far away as the moon at this point. Until the new girl, Kiki Brenner, practically prances into their seventh-grade classroom. Shevi is determined to win Kiki's friendship, but she's gotta keep all her family drama under the wraps. What would Kiki think of her if she knew...the truth? Meanwhile, Shevi's brother, Gavi, star basketball player of his team, has a secret of his own. The fact that he keeps failing his tests is really not his fault--right? And he's not about to bother his mother about it--she has enough going on. But then his brainy stepbrother's bike goes missing. And it's all Gavi's fault. Gavi holds his breath as, like a deck of cards, the crisis unfolds, and he suffers from one disappointment after another. Can Gavi figure out the mystery of who the real thief is before it's too late? Join the ride with Blending Secrets. You're about to find out. By R. Drew
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Last Update Dec 3, 2023
Dimensions 6" X 9"
Binding Hardcover
Author (English) R. Drew
Published By Circle Publishing
ISBN13 9781600918896
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