Chassidus Mevoeres - Moadim #2

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Publisher: Heichal Menachem Compiled By: Rabbi Leibel Altein Language: Hebrew Format: 8.5" x 11.5", Hardcover, 488 Pages The series Chasidut Mevueret presents classic Chasidic discourses from Torah Ohr and Likkutei Torah (authored by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi). Each discourse is headed by a short introduction, summarizing its content. A line-by-line explanation follows, enabling even the beginner to grasp the concepts of Chasidut. Volume two covers discourses for the period of Purim, Pesach, S'firat Haomer, Shavuot and Bein Hameitzarim. Handsome, leather-like binding. Volumes available in this series: Chassidus Mevoeres - Moadim #1 Chassidus Mevoeres - Moadim #2 Chassidus Mevoeres - Avodas HaTfillah Chassidus Mevoeres - Maamorim Melukatim Chassidus Mevoeres - Yemei Simchah Chassidus Mevoeres - Shabbat Kodesh
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Last Update Dec 2, 2023
Dimensions 5" x 11
Binding Hardcover
Published By Heichal Menachem
Language Hebrew
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