Chossid Yerei Shomayim Lamdon

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Author: Rabbi Mendel Itzinger Format: 6½" x 9½" Hardcover, 140 pages Language: English The three steps to succeeding as a bochur Life in Yeshiva is supposed to be “Gan Eden”, the best years of our lives. Indeed, Tomchei Temimim is the antidote to assimilation. So why is it that so many Bochurim feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled and unmoved? The truth is that for some Bochurim, the goal of Yeshiva can sometimes be unclear, and therefore it’s easy for Bochurim to misunderstand its purpose. To many it seems that the goal of Yeshiva is simply learning and learning, often spending hours on topics they don’t yet relate to or enjoy. Is it a wonder, then, that many Bochurim feel the way they do? To help Bochurim become passionate about learning and start to love Yeshiva, we need to help them understand what it does for their lives. This is the goal of the book you are holding in your hands. Translated from the original Loshon Hakodesh, this book, written by Rabbi Mendel Itzinger, Mashpia and Yoishev Rosh of of Igud Yeshivos Lubavitch, offers a clear vision as to the purpose of Yeshiva, and more importantly a step-by-step guide, to succeeding as a Bochur.
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Last Update Dec 2, 2023
Dimensions 6½" x 9½"
Binding Hardcover
Author (English) Rabbi Mendel Itzinger
Language English
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