The complete ArtScroll Digital Library loaded on a New iPad Includes a magnificent leather iPad cover

Available to Order (Pending Supplier Availability)

The complete ArtScroll Digital Library loaded on a New iPad!

All iPads are final sale.

Get the gift that everyone is buzzing about!

Includes a fully functional Apple 10.2" iPad (9th Gen, 64GB, Wi-Fi) that could be used as a regular iPad (a $329 Value)

Includes a magnificent customized leather ipad cover ($99 Value)

The entire ArtScroll Digital library can be loaded on your additional Apple and Android Tablets and Phones.

Includes the following digital editions:

  • *NEW* All Available Schottenstein English & Hebrew Talmud Yerushalmi volumes plus all future volumes (51 volumes total)
  • *NEW* Edmond J. Safra Digital Edition of the Chumashim in English, Hebrew and French
  • *NEW* Moti Kest Rashi Chumash Digital Edition
  • *NEW* Interlinear Ganz Digital Editions - Ashkenaz/Sefard Siddur and Tehillim
  • *NEW* All Available Digital Zera Shimshon volumes plus all future volumes (10 volumes total)
  • Complete 73 vol. Schottenstein English Talmud
  • Complete 73 Vol. Schottenstein Hebrew Talmud
  • Complete 63 Tractate Schottenstein Mishnah Elucidated
  • *NEW* Complete 63 Tractate Ryzman Hebrew Mishnayos
  • Kleinman Edition Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (5 Volumes)

  • Kleinman Edition Daily Dose series 2 and 3 (27 Volumes)

  • Wasserman Smart Siddur Ashkenaz

  • *NEW* Kest Smart Siddur Sefard

  • Jaffa Edition Tanach

  • Jaffa Edition Mesilas Yesharim

  • Lax Family Edition Shaar HaBitachon of Chovos Halevavos

  • Keilson Digital Tehillim Hebrew

  • Complete Hebrew Text of Rambam

  • 20 Best Selling ArtScroll digital titles (to view a full list of these titles, please click here)

This ipad comes fully loaded with all currently available volumes and does not require connection to the internet for daily use.

Please be advised that this device can connect to the internet via WiFi. Following the ruling of leading rabbinic authorities, any device that can connect to the internet should be used only with a filter. We encourage purchasers to install an appropriate filter so they can download app updates via wifi.

All iPads are Final Sale"
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Last Update Feb 6, 2024
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