Dirshu Mishnah Berurah/Mafte'ach 7 Vol. Boxed Set

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Deluxe slipcase edition - Mishnah Berurah with Mafte'ach. 7 Volume Set. Makes a beautiful gift! The Dirshu Mishnah Berurah contains elements that will be craved by talmidei chachamim and laymen alike: 1) Halacha lema'aseh rulings on new modern day shailos 2) Previously unpublished insights noted on the pages of the personal Mishnah Berurahs of Gedolei Yisrael 3) Additions and cross-references similar to "Musaf Rashi" found in many gemaras 4) Piskei Chazon Ish 5)Explanations to the Mishnah Berurah where unclear
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Last Update Dec 3, 2023
Binding Hardcover
Author (English) Dirshu
Published By Dirshu
Link For More Information https://www.israelbookshoppublications.com/store/pc/Dirshu-Mishnah-Berurah-Mafte-ach-7-Vol-Boxed-Set-8p5694.htm
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