Expanding Potential

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We are infinitely more than we think we are. Our families, communities, and schools may influence our lives — for better or the opposite — but, at the end of the day, it is we, not they, who determine how great we can become as we progress on the journey we call life. As awesome as our personal potentials are, we need to forever be expanding them beyond our current understanding as we continue discovering more about who we are within. Drawing from the vast sea of Chassidic wisdom and many works of psychology and human development, Jonah Simcha Chaim invites readers on a journey into the core of who they are beneath the layers of defense mechanisms and protective armor, as they strive to conquer the world around them. Expanding Potential is an exploration of empowerment, vulnerability, courage, and growth, set against the backdrop of the Jewish calendar. It’s a rebellion against who we’re told we need to be, in favor of who we choose to become. It’s about breaking the limits to which others try to confine us and, out of those fragments, creating our own masterpiece. Jonah Simcha Chaim Muskat-Brown is an educator, social worker, and freelance author from Toronto, Canada. He strives to empower others to be present in the here and now while also looking beyond what lies in front of them — to the individuals they can become and to the realities they can create. He believes that there are always new aspects of ourselves we can discover, and he encourages curiosity, creativity, and courage. Jonah Simcha Chaim draws inspiration from the vast sea of Chassidic wisdom and the many works of psychology and human development, and he uses both to unearth the inherent worth and awesomeness in each individual. He strives to learn from everyone he meets and to empower them to empower themselves to reach beyond any limitations others place on them (including their own perceived confinements). He enjoys being creative and is a rebel against words like normal, impossible, and failure. Jonah Simcha Chaim can be reached at [email protected].
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Last Update Dec 3, 2023
Dimensions 6X9
Binding Hard Cover
Author (English) Rabbi Jonah S C Muskat-Brown
Published By Mosaica Press
Language language
ISBN13 9781957579115
Link For More Information https://www.feldheim.com/expanding-potential
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