Hadrachos V'eitzos Bavodas Hashem (Hebrew Only)

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Discover the foundations that lead to genuine Avodas HaShem through the profound yet practical teachings and guidance of the Mashgiach, Rabbi Naftali Kaplan, Shlita. Written in a clear, concise, personalized manner, these time-tested insights, strategies, and heartfelt advice have provided B’nei Torah and Avreichim with invaluable assistance and direction for decades. And now, these precious teachings are available to you. Timely topics include: The path to Emunah & Bitachon, How to be Nossei Be’ol Im Chavero, How to daven bekavana, How to avoid anger and attain self-control, How to acquire an ayin tovah, How to elevate oneself on Shabbos, and much more.
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Last Update Dec 3, 2023
Dimensions 6X9
Binding Hard Cover
Author (English) Rav Naftali Kaplan
Published By Distributed by Feldheim
Language language
ISBN13 8187F
Link For More Information https://www.feldheim.com/hadrachos-v-eitzos-bavodas-hashem
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