Inward Bound

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Author: Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov Language: English Format: 6" x 9", Softcover, 188 pages What is kabbalah all about? How can I use kabbalah to help change my life for the better? These are just some of the basic questions that Reb Nissan, as he is called, deals with in this monumental work. The book is divided into three sections: The first section examines the very origins of this esoteric knowledge including the meaning and purpose of the Zohar, the role of kabbalah in our understanding of the Messiah, and guides us towards an understanding of how kabbalah is intrinsically linked to the future destiny of the Jewish people. The second section of the book provides the reader with an in-depth explanation of fundamental Kabbalistic concepts, including the role of Angels and Mazal in our lives, the structure of the Sefirot, and the character of the Sitra Aachar. It explains how God created something from nothing an enlightening description of the emergence of a physical creation from ethereal Godliness. The third section brings heaven down to earth by illustrating how we can apply the principles of kabbalah to our daily lives, including the practice of Jewish meditation, achieving teshuva, and refining our character. Don`t miss his fascinating description of Eyewitness Accounts of Higher Realms.
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Last Update Dec 2, 2023
Dimensions 6" x 9"
Binding Softcover
Language English
ISBN13 9780826608338
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