Light Years Away

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A Novel A Chassidic family living in Yerushalayim - brothers and sisters, husbands and wives. Intelligent and idealistic, each of them searching for the light that seems just beyond their reach. A sensible woman, dedicated to her husband's learning, yet secretly fearing the stress will drive her mad. Those voices in her head - are they hers? Her brother - so principled, so rigid, until he sees he must bend or break. A little girl and a grown girl, both terrified of the thing they want most. A young man defying his parents, yet craving their love. Two brothers at war, until they realize how much they need each other. Join the dance between family members who seek different things in their lives, yet will go through shame, pain, and debt to help one another. A dance between the benefits afforded by the wider, exposed world of knowledge and technology and the unbending purity of insularity. A deeply internal dance between one's highest aspirations and all-too-real vulnerabilities. The dance between our desire to be true to our selves and our dreams, while also being a faithful member of a couple, a family, and a community... NEW! From the author of All I Ask and Normal Like Me. By Ruti Kepler
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Last Update Dec 3, 2023
Dimensions 6"x 9"
Binding Hardcover
Author (English) Ruti Kepler
Published By Tfutza Publications
ISBN13 9781600919909
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