Ma'aminim B'nei Ma'aminim

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A Concise Handbook for Cultivating the Yesodos of Emunah in Our Children and Ourselves Ma'aminim Bnei Ma'aminim. It is what we are. It is what we are raising our children to be. Without a doubt, the most sacred mission tasked to Jewish parents and educators is conveying pure emunah to the next generation. In Ma'aminim Bnei Ma'aminim, author Rabbi Simcha Klein partners with us in this mission by enumerating and elucidating many of the essential principles of our emunah. Written in a clear and concise manner which allows for ease of reading, retention, and review, this book covers topics such as the distinction between emunah b'seichel and emunah b'lev; responding to children's questions about Hashem; inspiring wonder in Hashem's creation; and many others. Each of the fundamentals presented here is based purely on our mesorah, as it has been handed down faithfully through the millennia. As such, this volume is replete with footnotes citing sources, quotes from our Sages, as well as anecdotes of gedolim that illustrate the various concepts mentioned. Parents and educators will find themselves turning to this work time and again in order to reference, clarify, and refresh - for themselves or their charge - the tenets of the belief we all hold so dear. *** Rabbi Simcha Klein of Detroit, MI is the founding rav of the Ahavas Olam Weingarden Torah Center, a vibrant kehillah in the Detroit community. He is sought-after for his shiurimand guidance. Rabbi Klein has also authored Ohel Rivka Nachlei Emunah, on the topic of emunah; Yalkut Meishiv Nefesh, which provides chizuk in avodas Hashem; and Ben Aliyah B'olam Haparnassah, a practical hashkafic guide for those in the workforce. Rabbi Simcha Klein Written by Aryeh Gibber
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Last Update Dec 3, 2023
Dimensions 6" X 9"
Binding Hardcover
Author (English) Rabbi Simcha Klein & Aryeh Gibber
Published By Israel Bookshop Publications
ISBN13 9781600918674
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