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Ani Maamin

Ani Maamin

Rav Chaim Kanievsky on Siddur - Weekdays- Futersak Family Edition

Rav Chaim Kanievsky on Siddur - Weekdays- Futersak Family Edition

Make Your Berachos Meaningful

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Listen to an excerpt from Make Your Berachos Meaningful!

Power up the berachos in your life ... and watch the blessings flow in

Do you want to

• achieve an awareness of Hashem and closeness to Him?
• open the infinite flow of blessings that Hashem is eager to pour upon you?
• become a better, more grateful, and more mindful person?

This extraordinary book will show us how to tap into the Immense POWER OF YOUR BERACHAH!

Many of us have been saying berachos since childhood -- and, unfortunately, some are still saying them with the perspective of a five-year-old. How can we begin to say berachos properly, with full intention, like mature adults? More: How can we reap the enormous benefits that Hashem has promised those who say berachos with sincere feeling?

From the days of David HaMelech and onwards, Jews have discovered the power of saying 100 berachos with kavanah daily. Divided into 100 daily readings, Make Your Berachos Meaningful includes detailed commentary on the words of the berachos, practical techniques to help enhance concentration, a unique section about the power of giving and getting blessings from others and, of course, stories that help to incorporate these vital teachings into our lives.

Want to enjoy the “blessings of saying blessings” in both your physical and spiritual life? Want to Make Your Berachos Meaningful? From the very first daily reading, you’ll find your berachos (and even your life) growing better, richer, and, yes, much more meaningful.

Change the Way You Say Your Berachos

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Last Update Apr 30, 2023
Dimensions 6.00 X 9.00
Binding Hardcover
Author (English) Rabbi Mechel Handler
Release Date Jan 5, 2022
Published By ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
ISBN13 9781422630297
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