Mind Over Matter

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The Lubavitcher Rebbe on Science, Technology and Medicine BY: Rabbi Joseph Ginsburg and Professor Herman Branover Mind over Matter is compiled from the Rebbe's talks, discourses and letters on science, technology and medicine. It covers such diverse topics as proof of the Creator, origin of the species, aviation, fate vs. freedom, geometry, medicine and more. The Rebbe's approach was that there cannot be any true conflict between Torah and science. Any apparent contradictions should be resolvable by proper study of the two disciplines, all while maintaining an adherence to a literal understanding of both the written and the oral Torah. This book encompasses many of the Lubavitcher Rebbe's teachings on science, drawn from his Ma'amarim (Chassidic discourses), Sichot (talks), recorded transcripts, the 39 volumes of Lukutei Sichot, and his correspondence. Original Hebrew edition was compiled by Rabbi Joseph Ginsburg and Professor Herman Branover, published under the title "Mah Rabu Ma'asecha Hashem". This English edition was translated and edited by Dr. Arnie Gotfryd, Ph.D. About this Revised and Expanded Edition: Following many reprinting’s of the first edition, the editors collected much new material, restructured some content, and made numerous corrections and stylistic improvements, most of the new material comes from previously unpublished letters. A very useful index, was added as well. From the back cover: “…an important and fascinating work and one which shows a great mind and spirit at the very height of its powers. The editors are to be congratulated on an exceptionally well produced volume which will surely make each of its readers think again about science, creation and faith.” Professor Jonathan Sacks, Former Chief Rabbi of Great Britain “...This is a controversial and valuable book, certain to trouble the complacency of many scientists, and equally certain to profoundly challenge Jews of all degrees of observance.” Professor Robert Pollack, Biological Sciences, Columbia University, Director, Center for the Study of Science and Religion “What is science, what are its strengths, its limitations, and its lessons for humanity? This thought-provoking volume will help readers engage such questions through the words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, a great and thoughtful teacher. His penetrating insights illumine modern issues with timeless wisdom.” Arno Penzias, Nobel laureate in Physics “...This is an important contribution for anyone seeking a fresh perspective on the world of science and its relevance to Torah, ethics and Jewish law.” Rabbi Adin Even-Israel (Steinsaltz), Director, Israel Institute for Talmudic Publications
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Last Update Dec 2, 2023
Published By F.R.E.E. Publishing House and Shamir
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