Money in the Honey

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Adapted and illustrated by: Aidel Backman When a wealthy widow, Rochel, living in King Saul`s Israel, hides her fortune of gold coins in some honey jars and then finds all the coins stolen, who will save her from ruin? Even King Saul, who hears her sad tale, sends her away unable to recover her fortune and sole means of support. In a surprise twist to the story, a young, wise shepherd named David - who would one day be king himself - comes to the rescue. Read the story of Rochel and David, and how good triumphs, even in the stickiest of circumstances. Reviews A rich widow goes on a journey, hiding her gold coins in jars filled with honey. Her neighbor agrees to store the jars and eventually finds the hidden treasure. When Rochel returns and claims her jars of honey from Isaac, she discovers the gold coins are gone and demands that Isaac give them back. He feigns ignorance of the money and, since Rochel has no witnesses to prove she hid the money in the honey, it is her word against his. King Saul regrets that he cannot help her but on the way back to her house, Rochel meets a young shepherd named David, who devises a plan to prove Isaac stole the money. David and Rochel return to King Saul and David`s plan is successful! Rochel`s money is returned, thus ensuring her a comfortable old age, and Isaac is punished. As for the young shepherd, "when he grew up, he became David, the great King of Israel."This midrashic story of perseverance and the triumph of good over greed was originally published in Talks and Tales by Nissan Mindel under the title, "The Jars of Honey." Aidel Backman"s adaptation is attractively illustrated with large color pictures that reflect the setting, characters, and action.The text is accessible to children in Grades 2 to 5. Recommended for all types of Judaic libraries. -Linda R. Silver AJL Newsletter, November/December 2003 Illustrated and adapted for young readers by Aidel Backman, The Money In The Honey is a Midrash-based picture book, showcasing a classical Biblical tale of King David`s childhood. Thoughtful color illustrations, and a straightforward narrative text bring this timeless parable alive. Enthusiastically recommended reading for children of all faiths and backgrounds who are almost ready to make the transition from picture books to tales that require more reading comprehension, The Money In The Honey is an exceptional picture book and would grace any family, school, or community library collection. -The Midwest Book Review
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