My Encounter with the Rebbe Vol. 3

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Author: Zalman Jaffe Publisher: PCL Publishing Language: English Format: 6x9 Hardcovers 304 Pages Beginning in 1969, Mr. Zalman Jaffee, a businessman from the United Kingdom, began regaling readers with animated portrayels of his visits with the Rebbe (and the Rebbetzin) with the publication of a book that he titled My Encounter with the Rebbe. With a keen eye for the ironic and unusual, Mr. Jaffe's diary - written intimately and descriptively and sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor - was published yearly, resulting in twenty-six volumes. Counted amongst his loyal readership were none other than the Rebbe & Rabbetzin. These highly acclaimed and voluminious diaries open a window into the Rebbe's personal interactions and day-to-day avtivities and constitute a rare firsthand account of modern Chabad-Lubavitch history. The current volume (three) - to which many unique photographs of the Rebbe have been added - compiles Mr. Jaffe's diaries from 1977 through 1979 About the Author: Born 1913 in Manchester (UK), community activist and businessman, Mr. Zalman Jaffe and wife, Roselyn, first visited the USA in 1959 and instantly became enamored with the Rebbe. Between 1952 and 1992 they received over 240 personal letters from the Rebbe and they were received into yechidus about 50 times. Before Sukkos each year, Mr. Jaffe was one of the only individuals to receive a set of arba minim from the Rebbe. Mr Jaffe passed away on September 27,2000. Mrs. Jaffe passed away 15 days later. Today, around the globe, over 30 of their offspring continue the legacy of community activism, leadership and outreach.
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Last Update Dec 2, 2023
Dimensions 6x9
Binding Hardcover
Published By PCL Publishing
Language English
ISBN13 9780971339057
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