Podoh BeSholom Nafshi - All for the Sake of Heaven

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Publisher: Kehot Publication Society By: Rabbi Zalman Abraham Language: Hebrew / English Format: 6" x 9" Hardcover, 120 pages A Chasidic discourse by Rabbi Shalom DovBer Schneersohn of Lubavitch -- Chasidic Heritage Series In contrast to other cultures, Judaism abhors asceticism and total abstinence from physical dealings. Instead, it celebrates interaction with the physical as a possible and even ideal mode of divine service. Elaborating on this point, Chasidus, in its unique way, teaches a person how to live in a state of inner peace - how to make peace in his relationship with G-d, and how to make peace with the world around him. Chasidus guides a person to be in control of his world and not to be tempted by his desires, and to devote all of his energies toward serving G-d - without negating all of the basic obligations to the physical body and to others. The present Chasidic discourse speaks of the great transformation that a person can bring about by way of his interactions with the physical; how mortal man can unleash tremendous divine energy through a seemingly simple and mundane activity such as eating, drinking, and business dealings, so that these can be carried out truly for the sake of heaven. People who bought this, also bought: Chasidic Heritage Series - Complete Set Also available in these formats:
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Last Update Dec 2, 2023
Published By Kehot Publication Society
Language Hebrew / English
ISBN13 9780826607546
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