Rabbenu Gershom Meor Hagolah (Lehman)

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Author: Marcus Lehman Translated By: Nissan Mindel Illustrated By: Zalman Kleinman Rabbenu Gershom, the renowned tenth century Talmudist known to his contemporaries as "Meor Hagolah - Light of the Diaspora," is caught in a web of misfortune that tests his faith and ingenuity to the utmost. His story takes us to the magnificent city of Constantinople. Here, as a talented physician and craftsman, he wins the admiration and confidence of the royal family. He also gains a dangerous enemy, and discovers treachery within his own home. Later in life, Rabbenu Gershom instituted the decree which bears his name: that a Jew may not have more than one wife. Available in this set: Adopted Princess - Out of Stock Bustenai Out of the Depth Rabbenu Gershom Meor Hagolah Unpaid Ransom
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