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Maimonides' Principles

Maimonides' Principles

Mishnah Torah L'HaRambam-Hilchos Shofar

Mishnah Torah L'HaRambam-Hilchos Shofar

Rambam Mishneh Torah SET

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The Mishneh Torah is the most comprehensive corpus of halakha in Jewish literature. Written by the Rambam in the 12th century, it offers advanced and novice learners alike a straightforward guide to Jewish law.

The Koren Mishne Torah is the newest edition of the Mishne Torah today. It features a clear, contemporary layout that clarifies the text, the brilliant Hebrew commentary of the prolific Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, along with a variety of rich visual aids and educational tools to help learners read and understand the Rambam's text more clearly. Educational tools include:

• Introductions to every chapter and halakha in each volume.

• Explanations of terms, concepts, halakhot and their underlying principles.

• Summary of halakhic rulings with source citations (incl. Shulhan Arukh and responsa).

• Restoration of authentic chapter divisions (commonly-used divisions have been retained).

• Charts and diagrams to illustrate complex concepts.

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Last Update Jun 13, 2023
Dimensions 6.5 x 9.2
Binding Hardcover
Published By Koren
Language Hebrew
ISBN13 9789653019416
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