Ryzman Edition Hebrew Midrash Rabbah: Shemos Vol 1 Parshiyos Shemos through Beshalach

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If you want to unlock the spiritual and ethical treasures of Jewish thought... If you want to share the insights and brilliance of Midrashic commentators, both classic and contemporary... If you want to discover the depth and beauty of the Midrash... Now is the time to begin.

A monumental and magnificent new Torah project: The Ryzman Edition Hebrew Midrash Rabbah

Like the Talmud, the Midrash is part of the Oral Torah. The Midrash delves into the spiritual essence of the revealed Torah. It adds many untold details to the Torah's narrative, and provides the ethical tradition that was passed down orally from generation to generation. Midrash Rabbah is the best known and most widely studied of all the Midrashic works.This volume covers Sefer Shemos from Parashas Shemos through Parashas Beshalach.Also includes an introduction to Midrash Rabbah.

The Ryzman Edition Hebrew Midrash Rabbah Includes:

The Hebrew text, newly typeset, with many classic Hebrew commentaries, including Matnos Kehunah, Eitz Yosef, and Maharzu, and others, plus the out-of-print classic Eshed HaNechalim.

ArtScroll/Mesorah's acclaimed phrase-by-phrase translation and elucidation of the Midrash text, with the commentary interwoven in the elucidation, created by an international team of Torah scholars for optimum understanding of the Midrash.

Explanatory footnotes to help clarify difficult passages and concepts, background material, and basic translations of the many verses quoted by the Midrash from other Books of Scripture. These notes bring out a clearer and richer understanding of the Midrash being discussed.

A special “Iyun” highlights that amplify or complement the elucidated text and notes with discussions of related issues. These discussions range from important profound issues of hashkafah, fascinating related halachic issues, inspiring ethical insights, and novel interpretations.

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Last Update Feb 6, 2024
Dimensions 7.00 X 10.00
Binding Hardcover
Release Date Dec 8, 2022
Published By ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
ISBN13 9781422632567
Link For More Information https://www.artscroll.com/Books/9781422632567.html
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