Sar HaTorah-The Tchebiner Rav

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Hagaon Harav Dov Berish Weidenfeld, ztvk"l As one of the few scions of a generation replete with spiritual giants, tzaddikim whose souls ascended to Shamayim in the inferno of the Holocaust, the Tchebiner Rav was the undisputed gadol hador of the past generation, accepted and beloved by all sectors of Orthodox Jewry. A paragon of Torah and halachah, emes and chessed, he miraculously escaped the burning soil of Europe and barely survived the war years in Siberia before making his way to Eretz Hakodesh. There he taught Torah and chassidus to the masses, engaged in prolific acts of tzedakah and chessed, brought solace to so many shattered survivors, and founded the hailed Yeshivas Kochav MiYaakov-Tchebin in Yerushalayim. Melding Torah and history, this sefer transplants readers to pre-World War II Europe and introduces them to some of the greatest Torah sages of the past generation, including the Kochav MiYaakov, the Chazon Nachum, the Beis Yitzchak, and Harav Menachem Ziemba, whose sifrei kodeshand piskei halachah grace Jewish libraries around the world. Follow the captivating life story of the Tchebiner Rav, which opens in the small town of Hrimlov, Poland, where he was the ben zekunim of the hailed Kochav MiYaakov. His story continues through two decades of learning and shimush chachamim before he became ravof Tchebin at an extraordinarily young age and acquired fame as one of the greatest gedolim and meishivim of the generation. As the Nazi juggernaut tears across Europe, the rav's tear-drenched odyssey leads him from Tchebin to Lemberg, from Siberia to Bukhara, and on to Iran, before he finally reaches safety in Eretz Yisrael, where he tenaciously pursues the goal of rebuilding a world of Torah and kedushah. One of the primary focuses of the Tchebiner Rav's life was harbatzas Torah, and this is expressed in his lifelong dream of rebuilding Yeshivas Kochav MiYaakov-Tchebin in Yerushalayim. Today this yeshivah symbolizes the perpetuation of the golden mesorah of Torah and chassidus and the link between the glorious history of our nation and our future.
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