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Seder Netilas Yadayim L'Seuda V'Birchas HaNehenin

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Publisher: Kehot Publication Society A monumental achievement, the Alter Rebbes renowned presentation of the laws of blessings over foods now appears in a quintessentially user-friendly format. Vowelized Hebrew with extensive sources and footnotes galore make this volume a real standout. A rare and welcome feature: potentially difficult-to-identify foods are rendered in English as well as Hebrew for clarity. At the back of the book, a handy chart outlines the blessings before and after common foods. A practical addition to the library that is sure to provide ongoing satisfaction. Text includes vowels Poeple who bought this, also bought: Shulchan Aruch: Seder Netilas Yadaim & Birchas Hanhenin - Booklet
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Last Update Nov 18, 2022
Published By Kehot Publication Society
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