Sefer Ha'Arachim Vol. 9 (Achdus - Achdus Hashem part 6)

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Compiler: Rabbi Yoel Kahn Publisher: Kehot Publication Society Format: 8" x 10½" Hardcover, 257 pages Language: Hebrew This comprehensive treatment of the basic concepts of Chabad Chassidus is in the form of individual entries arranged alphabetically, similar to the "Talmudic Encyclopedia". Various categories of articles:Summarized Chassidic explication of mystical concepts; Chassidic explanations of concepts in the Talmud, commentators and codifiers; the spiritual essence of the personalities of the Bible: Revelations of Chassidus regarding the practical Mitzvot and their observance; Mitzvot of the "Duties of the Heart" (the intellectual and emotional relationship with G-d); Jewish law and custom, the inner meaning of the world around us, and more. Available in this set: Sefer HaOrachim - 8 Volume Set Sefer HaOrachim Vol 1 Sefer HaOrachim Vol 2 Sefer HaOrachim Vol 3 Sefer HaOrachim Vol 4 Sefer HaOrachim Vol 5 Sefer HaOrachim Vol 7 Sefer HaOrachim Vol 8
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Last Update Dec 2, 2023
Dimensions 8" x 10½"
Binding Hardcover
Published By Kehot Publication Society
Language Hebrew
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