Shaarei Teshuvah

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Author: Rabbi Dovber Schneerson, the Miteler Rebbe Publisher: Kehot Publication Society Annotated By: Rabbi Alexander Z. Piekarski Format: 6" x 9" Hardcover, 620 Pages Language: Hebrew Literally called Portals of Repentance, this tract consists of two sections. The first part expounds upon repentance through prayer. The second initiates us into a deeper meaning of the 'Shema'. This classic is reset and published in a newly annotated edition which includes extensive notes, references and indexes. This book is a collection of Chassidic discourses, comprised of two parts. The first part is subdivided into "Shaar Hat'shuvah," discussing one's return to G-d; "Shaar Hab'chirah," discussing free choice; and "Shaar Hat'fillah," discussing davening. The second part includes a second "Shaar Hat'shuvah," as well as a discourse entitled "Chinuch" (Education).
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Last Update Dec 2, 2023
Dimensions 6" x 9"
Binding Hardcover
Author (English) Rabbi Dovber Schneerson, the Miteler Rebbe
Published By Kehot Publication Society
Language Hebrew 
ISBN13 9780826655752
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