The ARK Report: The Ark of the Covenant and the Tunnels of Israel

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A journey through Jerusalem's ancient tunnels to the lost Ark of the Jews and the theory that connects them to the modern State of Israel. Adapted from the original research paper, lectures and public presentations.

"From the days of ancient history to the modern interest created by movies like "Raiders of the Lost Ark," there has been a dogged curiosity about the biblical "Ark of the Covenant." Rabbi Harry Moskoff's spellbinding book, "The Ark Report," takes curiosity to clarity and gives the reader an understanding of why the authenticity of the real Ark could be a game changer for the world." - (Governor Mike Huckabee, US Presidential Candidate) 

"The A.R.K. Report could very well be the first book to date that reveals the true facts behind the mysterious Ark of the Covenant from a traditional Jewish perspective. It is fascinating, well referenced, and inspirational. By explaining the archeological and geopolitical issues that have surrounded the whereabouts of the enigmatic Ark, Rabbi Moskoff enlightens our eyes, effectively proving its genuine authenticity. In this volume, his challenging hypothesis enables one to better understand the underlying issues concerning this legendary, and sacred Jewish artifact." - (Steve Linde, Jerusalem Post Editor in Chief) 

About the Author 

Harry H. Moskoff, Executive Producer and Writer of “The ARK Report — Secret of the Century,” is a Canadian-born research analyst working in Patent and Trademark Law in Israel. Moskoff founded MOSKOFF-MEDIA Legal Counsel (MMLC) in Israel in 2010, serving as a legal representative to law firms since moving there with his family in 2005. His passion for digging deep beneath the surface of an issue to investigate the truth led him to pore through hundreds of sacred and secular documents, forming the basis of “The A.R.K. Report” document and groundbreaking feature film by the same name ( As a hobby, Moskoff is a (semi-retired) auxiliary member of the Israeli Police border protection unit, and has earned a diploma in Executive Counter-Terrorism from IDC University in Hertzlia. As an ordained Rabbi in Israel, his passion for biblical archaeology merged with his Torah studies. Described as slightly eccentric and “the real-life (Jewish) Indiana Jones,” Moskoff strives to be at the leading edge of discovery, inspiring thousands with his lectures in this field..

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