The Complete Guide to Successful Jewish Parenting

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Many parents and educators today find themselves in a dilemma. How can they provide their children and students with the space and openness they need for self-expression and joy in life, while at the same time maintaining the authority needed to build a disciplined and refined child? The answer to this vexing question can be found within two timeless educational principles of our Sages: "The left hand pushes away and the right hand draws closer" and "The honor of your student should be as precious to you as your own." The first principle contains the secret to maintaining this delicate balance, while the second provides the crucial key of how to discipline without alienating. Applying these principles properly, as outlined in this book, will produce an emotionally healthy child, one who is satisfied and happy with his life, self-confident yet not self-centered, and is respectful toward all, especially his parents and teachers. It will produce a child who will grow into a successful, happy adult who is able to engage positively with both life's blessings and challenges. The Complete Guide to Successful Jewish Parenting, based on these foundational principles and many others, is filled with practical guidance on how to successfully navigate the various issues and challenges apt to arise at each stage of the child's development. Special chapters on preschool and adolescent ages and stages. FAQs for every home and classroom. By Zamir Cohen
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Last Update Dec 3, 2023
Dimensions 6.5" X 9.25
Binding Softcover
Author (English) Rabbi Zamir Cohen
Published By Hidabroot
ISBN13 9789659123186
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