The Divine Code - 4th Edition (Rabbi Moshe Weiner)

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Author: Rabbi Moshe Weiner Publisher: Ask Noah International Language: English Format: 6" x 9" Paperback, 704 Pages ISBN13: 978-1733363518 4th Edition (August 25, 2020) Description: "The Divine Code" is a comprehensive and expertly researched guide for the Seven Noahide Commandments and their fundamental principles, and many important related topics such as Torah study, prayer, and observance of other mitzvot by Non-Jews. Originally published in Hebrew as "Sheva Mitzvot HaShem" and enthusiastically endorsed by prominent Torah scholars, it presents the halachic foundations and details of the Noahide Code. Unique among the other books on the subject, this authoritative text is footnoted with extensively researched sources, and supplied with clear explanations and enlightening notes throughout. It identifies the practical requirements of righteous living for pious Gentiles, and how these are determined within the basis of Torah. This new 4th edition includes editing improvements and an added appendix on halachos of the Ger Toshav and Chasidei Umot Ha'Olam. Contents: Introduction Part I. Fundamentals of the Faith (9 chapters) Part II. The Prohibition of Idolatry (12 chapters) Part III. The Prohibition of Blasphemy (4 chapters) Part IV. The Prohibition of Eating Meat that was Separated from a Living Animal (9 chapters) Part V. The Prohibition of Murder and Injury (9 chapters) Part VI. The Prohibition of Forbidden Relations (7 chapters) Part VII. The Prohibition of Theft (16 chapters) Part VIII. Establishment of Laws and Courts (4 chapters) Appendix: The Pious Gentile and the Ger Toshav in Torah Law Section introductions by Rabbi Moshe Weiner; Rabbi Dr. J. Immanuel Schochet (o.b.m.); Rabbi Dr. Shimon D. Cowen; Arthur Goldberg, J.D.; Dr. Joe M. Regenstein; and Dr. Michael Schulman COMING SOON IN HEBREW: Sefer Sheva Mitzvot HaShem (2nd Edition) People who bought this, also bought: Seven Paths to Love, Life, Purpose & Serenity To Perfect the World The Theory & Practice of Universal Ethics - The Noahide Laws Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge P/B (Weiner - Schulman)
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Dimensions 6" x 9"
Author (English) Rabbi Moshe Weiner
Published By Ask Noah International
Language English
ISBN13 9781733363518
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