The Laws and Customs of Krias HaTorah

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An Adaption of Sefer Sha'arei Ephraim *The wrong sefer Torah has been taken out in shul. "Rolling" it to the correct place will cause significant tircha d'tzibura. Can the sefer Torah be switched? *The gabbai called someone up for shvi'i. The potential oleh indicated that he is a kohen. What should the gabbai do now? *A sefer Torah was brought to a beis avel, where it was used only once or twice, since part of the shivah was in another location. After the shivah, is it necessary to conduct additional minyanim in the avel's home so that the sefer Torah should be used three times before being returned? *May an Ashkenazi be yotzei with the Krias HaTorah of a Sephardi, or vice versa? May an Israeli get Chassan Torah on Simchas Torah outside of Eretz Yisrael? A sefer Torah is the holiest of all Jewish articles. As such, extreme respect must be shown both toward it and to Krias HaTorah in general--which includes observing all the numerous halachos of Krias HaTorah. But where can one find the ins and outs of those many halachos? The Sha'arei Ephraim, written some 200 years ago by Harav Ephraim Zalman Margolis zt"l, is a comprehensive sefer on the halachos of Krias HaTorah. The Chafetz Chaim himself refers frequently to it in his Mishnah Berurah. But the Sha'arei Ephraim is written in Lashon Hakodesh and thus has largely been inaccessible to the English-speaking public...until now. Sefer Otzar Hakriah - The Laws and Customs of Krias HaTorah is an English adaptation of the Sha'arei Ephraim. Written in a clear, user-friendly format, this sefer is not only a great resource for rabbanim and gabbaim, it is a handbook for every person who goes to shul. Many common and not-so-common questions about the laws of Krias HaTorah are dealt with in this book, including all of the above scenarios. Extensive footnotes include the customs of Sephardim and other communities with regard to Krias HaTorah. This sefer...excels in both the precise halachah, clarity, and proper logic. --Harav Asher Weiss The sefer is written with immense proficiency, clearly, and is easily understood. I really enjoyed it. --Harav Simcha Bunim Cohen By Rabbi Mordechai Fishman
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Last Update Dec 3, 2023
Dimensions 6" X 9"
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Author (English) Rabbi Mordechai Fishman
Published By Israel Bookshop Publications
ISBN13 9781600919275
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