The Lawyer and the Mystic (Kremnizer)

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Publisher: Simcha Press Author: Robert Kremnizer Language: English Format: 5" x 7.5" Hardcover, 156 pages Jerry Aronstein had taken a long time learning how to live. But he's never learned to die. The lawyer & the mystic profiles a life of seeming success relived during an unexpected encounter with death. The sagely teachings mouthed by the Mystic in this story - penetrating perspectives on happiness, purpose and responsibility - belong wholly to the Rebbes of Chabad, condensed and reframed to give readers of every race, religion or creed access to their wisdom. The Lawyer and The Mystic is the latest book by best selling author Robert Kremnizer. It tells the remarkable story of what happens when an average person, with all the normal stresses of life, encounters a Mystic and begins to drink of an ancient wisdom. In this gripping account of the conversations between the Lawyer and the Mystic, the reader is introduced to Kabbalistic secrets for finding happiness and shown the keys to a life with new meaning, aspirations, and motivation. Through the The Lawyer and The Mystic, acclaimed author Robert Kremnizer shares life skills, wisdom and secrets appropriate for all people, no matter what their race, religion or creed. This easy to read novel captivates from the outset and is impossible to put down. The Lawyer and The Mystic is Robert Kremnizer's fourth book. He is a highly-respected lawyer, businessman, and writer who is based in Sydney, Australia. Also available in these formats: Other titles by this author: Conversations with Zaidy - Stories of Faith Sparks of Tanya #1 Sparks of Tanya #2 The Curtain Parted #1 The Ladder Up The Second Ladder Up Australian Encounters - Firsthand Stories of the Rebbe (Kremnizer)
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Last Update Dec 2, 2023
Dimensions 5" x 7
Binding Hardcover
Published By Simcha Press
Language English
ISBN13 9780826608314
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