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Asif Minhogim - Chabad ~ אסיף מנהגים – מעגל החיים

Asif Minhogim - Chabad ~ אסיף מנהגים – מעגל החיים

The Rebbe's Directives - Horaot HaRebbe (Hebrew-English)

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Publisher: LeDorot publishing Complied by: Rabbi Elyashiv Kaploun Format: 6½" x 9½" Hardcover, 582 pages Language: Hebrew-English Over the years of the Rebbe's leadership, he provided us with countless instructions and directives, guiding us in every area of Yiddishkeit and beyond. Even so, certain directives carry a greater weight than others. These are the hora'os (Hebrew for directives) that were not directed to specific individuals or circumstances, but are general in nature, geared at strengthening or or adding to certain areas of Torah and mitzvos Outstanding examples are the takanos of the Friediker Rebbe to recite Tehillim on Shabbos Mevarchim and of Rebbe to study portion of Rambam The general hora'os must also be differentiated from the Rebbe's famous mivtza campaigns. The objective of the mivtza'im is to encourage the general Jewish population to perform mitzvos, and to awaken their neshamah and their connection to Hashem. With these hora'os, on the other hand, the Rebbe drew our attention to certain areas of Torah and mitzvos that require rectification and reinforcement. In this way, he inspired even observant Jews to increase their dedication to their true lives' mission, to fulfill Torah and mitzvos and illuminate the world at large. Accordingly, this sefer (Hebrew for book) contains many hora'os from the Rebbe that are included in the above category, and does not include each and every directive and custom given by the Rebbe. Furthermore, even the list of general Hora'os in this sefer may not be entirely comprehensive. Likewise, it is not within the scope of the sefer to portray the Rebbe's mivtza campaigns. (though a section has been added to this edition that focuses on them)
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