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Torahific - Yehoshua & Shoftim

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Questions & Riddles on Yehoshua & Shoftim Following the success of his wildly popular Torahific! books on Chumash, beloved educator and author Rabbi Maimon Elbaz has now embarked on the journey of delving into Navi. Torahific! Yehoshua and Shoftim presents an intriguing array of riddles and questions-and-answers on Sefer Yehoshua and Sefer Shoftim. Written in Rabbi Elbaz's inimitable, witty style, the book serves as an excellent resource for teaching both children and adults the many fascinating stories within these sifrei Tanach. As the founder and director of his adored Torah Shows, which entertain and inspire Jewish communities all around the world through incredible slide presentations, Rabbi Elbaz is an expert at teaching Torah in a way that excites and invigorates his audiences. His books, too, capture his sparkling personality, and transmit the precious lessons he teaches in an engaging way that readers can't help but love! By: Rabbi Maimon Elbaz
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Last Update Dec 3, 2022
Dimensions 6" X 9"
Binding Hardcover
Author (English) Rabbi Maimon Elbaz
Published By Israel Bookshop Publications
ISBN13 9781600918681
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