Yeshivah Bachur or Spy?

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A story from the life of the Chafetz Chaim zt"l World War I. The Chafetz Chaim and some of his talmidim have fled from Radin to Mohilev. But even there, they have no peace. What did a Russian agent plant in the dorm room of the Chafetz Chaim's talmid? Who did the Rosh Yeshivah Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman ask to save Ephraim Lebovits? Why was the Chafetz Chaim happy when he heard his talmid's harsh jail sentence? Read this suspenseful true story and one other in this exciting book. Enjoy hundreds of carefully researched illustrations that bring the Chafetz Chaim's times to life in the most authentic way. By Mordechai Chalamish
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Last Update Dec 3, 2023
Dimensions 9"x13"
Binding Hardcover
Author (English) Mordechai Chalamish
Published By Tfutza Publications
ISBN13 9781600919602
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